Paris Hilton’s Box, Courtney Love’s Vagina

Last night we went out for Evan’s birthday. Evan’s a “lawyer” and doesn’t have time to write a blog, but insists that if he did have one, it would be the BEST. What would he write about? “Interesting things. It would be WELL-ROUNDED,” says Evan.

Here at Stereogum, we don’t care about well-rounded. Unless it’s Paris Hilton’s ass.

… wait for it …

Money shot! Paris may be a whore in Sweden, but she’s still America’s sweetheart.

Also congrats to Kevan who’s got his third crossword puzzle published in the NY Times today. Even I should be able to solve this one because it’s “Tuesday level.” We’ll see about that. Kevan says a good way to get a puzzle published in the Times is to theme it around a celebrity who you think will die soon. Then Will Shortz runs it right after they drop dead. He’s working on a Courtney Love one as we speak. Here’s an update on her vagina malfunction