Celebrate Christmas With Queens Of The Stone Age And Chef Anthony Bourdain

Queens Of The Stone Age are playing a mile underground in a German salt mine next month (true), but when it comes to the holidays, there’s no place like the warm kitchen of a celebrity chef: Oui, Josh Homme & Co. are the official guests on the Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain’s Holiday Special. Via RollingStone:

Last week QOTSA played ?Silver Bells? (renamed ?Turkey Bells?) for a holiday-themed episode of No Reservations … Here?s the plot: While Bourdain cooks a traditional holiday feast at his Connecticut home, the Queens are rocking tracks including ?Sick, Sick, Sick,? ?3?s & 7?s? and ?Make It Wit Chu? at an ungodly volume in the basement rec room … While Homme and Bourdain aren?t giving up the whole story, they revealed the episode will involve karaoke, surly adolescents and a Japanese businessman.

A Japanese businessman! We have some kinda footage that’ll gives you a sense of the group’s report with Bourdain, who Homme refers to as the “punk rock chef … that made good.”

Bill Cosby would be proud of those sweaters, boys.

Agreed, AC/DC’s “Let Me Put My Love Into You” would be a pretty great Greek chorus. Funny, though, how Josh explains his involvement in the project — the lone chef, the potential dangers (wherein he could “potentially lose [his] life!), setting it up as the alternative to Rachel Ray. Should be fun, if corny. Speaking of which, did anyone check out Homme’s guest list over at P4K? The Black Angels, LCD Soundsystem at Austin City Limits, and Survivor are a few of his favorite things. Survivor? Oh right, that danger thing.

The No Reservations Holiday Special airs 12/10 on the Travel Channel.