New Born Ruffians Video – “Hummingbird” (Stereogum Premiere)

Canadian spunk rock trio Born Ruffians first made waves in earnest with their “Knife” cover last year and were so opening for Peter Bjorn & John at their second Stateside gig at Merc in January. Something’s shifted since then — the band’s jerky, interval-jumping riff rock’s coalesced into something sound-defining and utterly addictive, evinced on their undeniable “Hummingbird”/”Kurt Vonnegut” single. Just a taste of what’s to come; the band’s got the proper full-length Warp debut Red, Yellow And Blue out soon. Despite battling illness, their set at Bowery opening for Caribou a few weeks ago impressed, landing Hummingbird a slot in Heavy Rotation. While we’re waiting for the LP, the Ruffians have offered up a clip for “Hummingbird,” featuring Luke, Mitch, and Steven trying to chomp animated hummingbirds and vomiting glittery confetti, sitting at the epicenter of a reckless, jumpy dance party. Fast times.

Red, Yellow And Blue is due out in 2008 on Warp.