Tiny Vipers – “Another Day’s Sun”

For the Halloween edition of the Drop, we contacted autumnal Pacific Northwest Stereo-fave, and jack-o-lantern-of-all-trades Jesy Fortino, aka Tiny Vipers, whose Sub Pop debut Hands Across The Void remains one of the most affecting, goose-pimpling albums of the year. Fortino first gave us “They Might Follow You,” which she recorded three years ago in her apartment. “I used to think people could read my mind a little,” she explains. “Even if I wasn’t around people they could still be watching me and listening to my thoughts. I mean, it wasn’t a literal belief. It was subtle.” You can nab that doubled, radio-phasing nugget at her ViperSpace and elsewhere, though, so she dug deeper into her bag of tricks and passed along the attached “Another Day’s Sun,” a hushed, keyboard-lined duet produced and recorded “probably five months ago maybe longer” by Loving Thunder’s Colin Roper. It casts chilly sustain and crystalline swirls against minimal, melancholy guitar and Fortino’s shivery introspection. She explains:

I keep journals. Sometimes I pick up a journal from a year or two ago and the pages are typically full of crap that doesn’t matter anymore; lists of things I need to get done, trivial situations that upset me, things I’m worried about. But if I think back, in my mind, to the time period those entries were written, I come to images and feelings that those entries do not depict … You never know what you’ll take from the present … Some people say that we each have a purpose in life that is often hidden from us.


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