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Cultus Sabbati – “Descent Into The Maelstrom”

Canadian (I think) crew Cultus Sabbati work hard at maintaining anonymity. When I wrote about playing a show in New York and asked exactly where they’re located, I received the following response: “We don’t do live shows. We also try to avoid ‘locations.'” It’s a refreshing stance, especially as more and more “kvlt” underground noisemakers willingly move whole-hog into variously sized spotlights. A few months ago CS released Garden of Forking Ways, an escalating, intertwined collection of blackened ritualistic power drone/noise, and offered it as a free download (“just go steal the music…”). It’s a punk move, definitely; musically they’re inspired by Wolf Eyes, Arktau Eos, Xasthur, Sword Heaven, Ulver, Kevin Drumm, Bloody Minded, Bruce Lamont, Behemoth, Burial Hex, and Melvins, among others. You can pick out some of those sounds in their compositions — other influences seem to be more of a sensibility, ambiance, their prolific approach. Since Garden, the band’s finished something new, the six-song, 47-minute, nautically minded Descent Into The Maelstrom. Like the last one, everything hooks and links, ebbing and flowing as one large-scale movement. But this one’s more patient, spacious, pleasingly restrained. Take a listen to the closer.

Cultus Sabbati – “Descent Into The Maelstrom”

The video:

Descent Into The Maelstrom will be out once they find a label for it. Keep watch at cultussabbati.org. And stream Garden Of Forking Ways here:

Cultus Sabbati – Garden of Forking Ways by theQuietus