New Aesop Rock (Feat. John Darnielle) Video – “Coffee”

Aesop turned some heads with his match-up of lyrical heavyweights cut “Coffee” from this year’s None Shall Pass (pulling a last minute verse from Mountain man John Darnielle) and it’s another round of neck-twisting here with the track’s ’tis-the-season clip. Director Ace Norton goes for Shaun Of The Dead undead extras served with a gory side of grindhouse, a step or two from Robert Rodriquez’s Planet Terror. (More video trend spotting: Grindhouse inspired clips are so now; see also Queens Of The Stone Age’s “3’s & 7’s.”) We don’t need no walkie talkies. Happy Halloween, from Aesop Rock and John Darnielle.

Zombie dance! Believe in your dreams. None Shall Pass is out via Def Jux.