Oliver Platt Interviews Panda Bear

Actor Oliver Platt is a big Animal Collective fan, so New York Magazine, (where his brother Adam Platt is a food critic), got Oliver to interview Noah Lennox about AC and his solo work as Panda Bear. In the introduction he says his daughter Lily introduced him to Animal Collective and Lennox. Says Platt:

I was like, ‘Holy crap! What is that?’ Because it’s at once familiar — so freaking Beach Boys — and yet wildly original. And Panda Bear sounds so much like Brian Wilson; he’s got a natural gift for harmony. If there ever was a type of music that you could label as ‘channeled’ on some level, it’s [Panda Bear’s]. I love Animal Collective, but I find his [solo] stuff… I don’t want to say more accessible, but it goes quicker to that place at the back of your neck where your brain stem starts to buzz. And the next thing you know, you’re flinging yourself around the room, crying with the thrill of living.

In the interview they discuss the creative process, playing live (Platt compares live music to live theater), and picking up their kids from school. Read it at New York Magazine.