New Sam Champion Video – “Dead Moon”

Local faves Sam Champion host the craziest Halloween rooftop parties. Proof comes via this single, extended shot clip of the boys’ hazy ’60s rocker “Dead Moon,” coming with a little choreography and a lotta costumes featuring wigs, blackened eyes, prisoners, sexy mummys, Ali G, Axl Rose, Slash, cocktail dresses, and an overall zombie vibe (the Fun-Dead games, in Shaun Of The Dead parlance). And a boatload of booze. Finally get some full band action shots in the last minute, Noah as a drunken blues brother, Ryan as a drunken Viking, Sean as a drunken eyemask wearer, Jack’s fro blowing in the wind. Drunk.

Speaking of Jack’s fro: We were catching up with a bygone ep of Gossip Girl the other night (in PJs, eating ice cream, like ya do) when we noticed those trademark locks flying around in Dan Humphrey’s dad’s band during the Ivy League usher event scene, just before Dan charmed the Dartmouth guy. Jack confirms, Sam Champ is down with the Gossip. More on that soon. For now, get “Dead.”

[Pic from the Champ @ Mercury Lounge 4/4/07]

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Sam Champion – “Like A Secret” (MP3)

Happy Halloween from Sam Champion.