New Marissa Nadler Video: “Bird On Your Grave”

This dusky video for the Neil Young-covering Stereo-fave Marissa Nadler’s “Bird On Your Grave” was directed by and stars the young Portuguese artist Joana Linda. That said, it could’ve very well been shot by Ansel Adams — albeit steeped in small-town sadness, the books of Vladimir Nabokov, and a rural romanticism that casts the perfect shadows for Nadler’s lovely, Espers-accented song. It’s kind of like a bird on a wire, only gothier.

Linda notes at her website Bright White Light:

my first music video. although there are small parts of it I’d change or that could be better (there’s always room for improvement) in the end what I’ve learned from video during these past months of fiddling around is that it always comes to a point where you have to let go. otherwise you just keep making changes until you end up with something a lot worse than what you had before. also, admit to your limitations on a variety of levels and love whatever comes out of it even if it’s something a bit different from what you set out to do in the first place. In the end, I’m really happy with it and it was a pleasure to work with one of Marissa’s beautiful songs. I hope you like it too.

Well, we think it’s pretty perfect, Joana. Curious to see what you do next.

Songs III: Bird on the Water is out on Kemado.