Pattern Is Movement @ Cake Shop, NYC (The Forms CD Release Party) 10/30/07

Pattern Is Movement deserve your worship. If you like unorthodox, polyrhytmic pop music that pushes back. Last night’s party at Cake Shop — in celebration of the well documented return of the mighty Forms — brought us in contact with a new obsession; devouring every bit of Pattern’s back catalogue, ’cause it’s clear we’ve slept on some of the most beautifully weird, shape-shifting music out there. This was just the Philly based band’s seventh show as a duo (over the years shedding a member here, another there), but we’d have never known there was attrition going on; even with just two, singer/keyboardist Andrew Thiboldeaux and crazy drummer Chris Ward showcased their complex craft to the delight of those not obsessing over the open bar (“Let’s tear this place down!” came one yell after the mid-set announcement the open bar was now, sadly, closed).

The band name fits the sound: Pattern Is Movement is about patterns, in sound,, flowing in and out of each other and tied by odd-timed segues and Andrew’s theatrical tenor. A late set “Everything In Its Right Place” cover was ace, though more reverent than we’d expect from the mathy complexity of their own stuff (save a rhythmic ride out that would have sounded at home on I Might Be Wrong). Songs like tightly woven suites, hearty, thematic, all with a weird pop accessibility you’d never expect from the group’s constant push to explore, push on boundaries. Some stuff for you to listen to here; check the excellent, violin-laced “Right Away” from the band’s forthcoming 7″ of the same name and the Pinbacking groove workout “It’s The Wine” from ’05’s Stowaway.

Pattern Is Movement – “Right Away” (MP3)
Pattern Is Movement – “It’s The Wine” (MP3)

More to download at MySpace. Tourdates coming up with the likes of Dan Deacon and Stereofave Slaraffenland. And do yourself a favor by tracking down The (Im)possibility Of Longing now. A new album on Hometapes is due out sometime soon. Thanks to Abbey Braden for taking the pics — jump for more of ‘em, both Pattern Is Movement and the Forms.