New Rainbow Arabia – “Haunted Hall”

For their unexpectedly oddball “Omar K” video, L.A. couple Danny and Tiffany Preston, aka Rainbow Arabia, took their Basta EP tune into a grocery store where a mom and her kid Gang Gang Danced-away their demonic possession. “Haunted Hall,” from the forthcoming mini-LP Kabukimono, continues the supernatural theme, though we don’t currently have any moving images to go with it. It was produced by Pit Er Pat’s Butchy Fuego and, like last time, sounds like someone overlaying colorful electronics and new wave beats and a Sublime Frequencies compilation (or, fair enough, a compilation of Arabic music not stamped by Alan Bishop). The results aren’t necessarily distinctive, but it’s a fun hodgepodge.

Rainbow Arabia – “Haunted Hall” (MP3)

Kabukimono is out 7/26 via Manimal Vinyl.