The ‘Gum Drop Giveaway #10

Trick or treat? If you didn’t open up your inbox today, you may very well have missed this week’s ‘Gum Dropped track, a hushed, keyboard-lined beauty from Jesy Fortino, aka Tiny Vipers. Have a listen here, sign up to download. In the same issue, we offered the chance for one punk-inflected winner to grab a handful of CBGB-related live DVDs, including classic sets from Bad Brains, Dead Boys, and the Cro-Mags, among others.

Indeed, MVD Entertainment Group, the indie champ of music DVD, has kindly offered their entire CBGB-related DVD holdings, so one lucky winner can fill the Halloween bag with some punk treats:

CBGB: Punk From Bowery
Bad Brains: Live at CBGB 1982
Dead Boys: Live at CBGB 1977
Vibrators: Live Energized: CBGB 2004
Cro-Mags: Final Quarrel: Live At CBGB 2001

Enter here.

Also, keep your eyes peeled because MVD has plans to release another classic Dead Boys performance sometime in 2008 as well as a number of Hilly Kristal-approved CBGB live performance audio recordings, each featuring a concert recorded at the club from the ?80s through ?00s. Punk’s not dead.


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