Smashing Pumpkins Will Never Reunite Says Billy

On the occasion of the Smashing Pumpkins releasing remastered versions of their output over the next three years — Gish, Siamese Dream, and ’94 compilation Pisces Iscariot this fall — Rolling Stone caught up with Billy Corgan to talk about those collections, the new album Oceania, and the still-in-progress Teargarden By Kaleidyscope, etc. When they asked him if, amid all this activity, the original lineup would ever reunite, he had this to say:

No. That’s just one of those things that are never going to happen. If you don’t see somebody for a while, there’s the old thing, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Well, we haven’t had absence. The things that have happened between us in the interim haven’t been good. There’s been lawsuits and lots of stupid stuff. It’s only made it worse. If it was bad before, it’s really bad now. Jimmy [Chamberlin] and I aren’t enemies -โ€“ he’s just off doing what he wants to do, as he should. There’s not super bad blood between me and Jimmy that we’d never get on stage again. But I cannot in any way, shape, or form ever envision standing on a stage, playing music again with James [Iha] and D’arcy [Wretzky]. I just don’t see any situation where that would be possible.

No worries, D’arcy seems otherwise occupied.

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