Laurel Halo Remixes Grimes

I really like the clean pop-star swerve Claire Boucher, aka upcoming Lykke Li tourmate Grimes, took on “Vanessa,” a great track from Darkbloom, her split EP with Montreal compatriot d’Eon. Of course, as “Fragments Of The Future” suggested yesterday, she still does murky, half-drowning minimalism/outer-realms bliss just as well. On this remix of “Heartbeats,” one of the more ambient tracks from last year’s Geidi Primes, Brooklyn aesthetic ally Laurel Halo, whose releasing two great EPs in 2011, pushes the song further into space, suggesting additional flight patterns for both songwriters.

Grimes – “Heartbeats (Laurel Halo Remix)”
(Via Dummy)

While we’re here, “Vanessa”:

[Laurel Halo photo by Shawn Brackbill]