New Bran Van 3000 – “Call Me”

The original ragged Montreal collective Bran Van 3000 have been way below our radar for the past couple years, but have returned with a brand new website and a third album, the 21-track strong Rosé. (Thanks to reader Adam G. for the tip). Remember them? They released Glee, made some waves, and then second album Discosis, released in 2000, sunk when their label, the Beastie Boys’ Grand Royal, flopped. Fittingly — at least according to our metaphor — first Spinners-sampling single, “Call Me (I’ll Be Around Medley),” opens with lapping water. After that, James Di Salvio and his fellow revelers get all sorta summertime, poolside breezy. Most of the original crew’s back, along with cameos from Fat Lip, Max-a-Million, and Swanza. If you need a refresher, you can hear “Drinking In L.A.” over at MySpace or watch the old video here.

Because it seems to be International Bran Van 3000 day, after the jump you can also dig into the Twang’s cover of the tune for that Radio 1 Established 1967 comp, if you need even more memory aids…

And, to continue the threat, the Twang’s new single “Push The Ghosts,” on which their “Drinking In L.A.” appears as a b-side.

Rosé is out now.