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Funny shows you missed this week if you haven’t been watching my DVR…

The Assistant
All the contestants on MTV’s Apprentice-meets-Punk’d reality show fail to realize Andy Dick is fucking with them despite the fact that he’s so over-the-top. One girl Anna actually CRIES on camera because she is so grateful for the opportunity to be on the show. Even Andy breaks character when he hears about that.

Reno 911
I’m a few episodes behind, and I just caught the one with Dangle’s wife (Rachel Harris without glasses!). Her fiance is played by a former MTV VJ in his first acting role and he’s actually funny. Here’s a clip of Patton Oswalt’s cameo in this episode. And here’s another clip.

Real World San Diego: The [email protected]#! They Should Have Shown
And I thought I couldn’t be shocked after the double arrest in episode 6. Did you see how many times Cameran kicks Brad in the balls FOR FUN? The San Diego roomies officially out crazy every other RW cast. Next season they’ll have to drink liquid LSD and perform amateur plastic surgery to keep us entertained.

I Love 1993
I didn’t anticipate getting nostalgic about velociraptors and Branch Davidians. Beth Littleford has been really good in these shows. Also I like Jake’s comment about Snoop and Dre making blurry clothes popular. My friend once told me Crystal Pepsi failed because most of it was shipped in cans.

Speaking of ’90s, The N is showing repeats of My So-Called Life. I used to love that show. I was obsessed with Claire Danes. Here’s some Brian Krakow desktop wallpaper.

Tomorrow I’ve got some all day and night workshop where we build human pyramids and fall into each other’s arms or something. No updates ’til Thursday, sorry! Talk amongst yourselves. (But not about Cialis, penis-pills, or CHEAPVIAGRA please! I’ve already deleted about 200 comments from robots trolling my comments to shill dick medicine. If anyone knows how to prevent getting stereospammed lemme know. Wil offered to give me code to patch the to prevent open proxies from executing the script, but I don’t know what the fuck that means!)

Recommended listening:
My favorite song by Daft Punk … and the R&B song it samples. Enjoy.
Daft Punk – “Digital Love”
George Duke – “I Love You More”