Tyler, The Creator – Goblin Comment Party

We got “Yonkers,” “Analog,” and “Tron Cat,” before Tyler, The Creator’s XL debut Goblin leaked last week. It’ll be out properly tomorrow. Now that you’ve had the weekend to listen, (and Jon Caramanica’s entertaining profile in the New York Times and The Guardian’s cover story to read), it’s time to talk about it. On first listen, what makes it worth hearing is how it takes elements of other artists to create something that sounds outsider and unfamiliar. You can hear Neptunes’ space, Kanye West’s desire to be loved over being liked, singer/songwriter overshare, gauzy, indie-pop-like chord progressions and twinkles. Out of all the memorable lines on the record, I’m most touched by “… her name is my password,” on “Her.” But “I’m in love with you… cunt,” is touching too. What do you guys think? Was Goblin worth the wait and the hype?

Goblin is out tomorrow via XL.