NIN|JA (Nine Inch Nails & Jane’s Addiction) @ The Pearl, Las Vegas 5/18/09

Things may be tense backstage, but the members of Nine Inch Nails and Jane’s Addiction remain consummate showmen. And while NIN|JA may be a bit (okay, a lot) of a nostalgia trip, this isn’t your father’s alt rock ampitheatre tour. For starters everyone’s sporting much shorter hair and much larger biceps, but more importantly it is very techy! Practically every musician involved is documenting the trek via Twitter — newly engaged Trent Reznor is also Tweeting ticket giveaways — and a “relaxed” camera policy ensures an influx of YouTube uploads after each gig. (Not that you’ll capture anything worthwhile under the strobes and super bright back lighting. But you’re free to try.) Regular opening act Street Sweeper Social Club had the night off so NIN were first onstage at the Pearl last night. Their set did not include the familiar Bowie cover heard at previous stops, but it did end with Ilan Rubi pounding his snare so hard on “Hurt” his stick broke. JA’s set was more lighthearted, with Perry Farrell describing a homoerotic dream and telling a joke about snorting a rail off of Dave Navarro’s dick (“it was a short rail”). Or maybe that wasn’t a joke. One cameraman was dressed as a ninja, so that dude should get a raise. Andrew Youssef’s photos and setlists await after the jump. There were three songs with “pig” in the title.

Nine Inch Nails Setlist
01 “Somewhat Damaged”
02 “Terrible Lie”
03 “Heresy”
04 “March Of The Pigs”
05 “The Frail”
06 “Piggy”
07 “Metal”
08 “The Big Come Down”
09 “Gave Up”
10 “The Fragile”
11 “I Do Not Want This”
12 “The Downward Spiral”
13 “Wish”
14 “Survivalism”
15 “The Day The World Went Away”
16 “Physical (You’re So)”
17 “The Hand That Feeds”
18 “Head Like A Hole”
19 “Hurt”

Jane’s Addiction Setlist
01 “Three Days”
02 “Whores”
03 “Ain’t No Right”
04 “Pigs”
05 “Then She Did”
06 “Mountain Song”
07 “Had a Dad”
08 “Been Caught Stealing”
09 “Ted Just Admit It…”
10 “Ocean Size”
11 “Summertime”
12 “Stop”
13 “Jane Says”