Arcade Fire Suburbs Deluxe Edition Details

It’s the right time for Arcade Fire to release the deluxe edition of The Suburbs because now Merge records can slap that important “Album Of The Year Grammy” sticker on it. Of course there are lots of other, more legitimate changes and additions to beef up the deluxe version:

  • A longer version of “Wasted Hours (A Life That We Can Live)”
  • Two previously unreleased songs called “Culture War” and “Speaking In Tongues,” with vocals from David Byrne on the latter track (Talking Heads’ 1983 album was also called Speaking In Tongues).
  • The half-hour film Scenes From The Suburbs, directed by Spike Jonze
  • The companion documentary Behind The Scenes From The Suburbs
  • The music video for “The Suburbs” (also directed by Spike Jonze
  • An exclusive booklet with lyrics and photos from the Scenes From The Suburbs shoot

Sounds like a nice Christmas present. The Suburbs Deluxe CD/DVD is out 8/2. Pre-order it at Merge. Here’s the trailer to Scenes From The Suburbs:

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