Memory Tapes – “Wait In The Dark”

“Wait In The Dark” follows sleepy-then-not-sleepy “Today Is Our Life” in the roll out of Memory Tapes new album Player Piano. It’s more upbeat and bubbly then that first track, but maintains a similar post-bedroom haze. We’re told the template for the collection was “keyboard-based psychedelic girl group songs, a sort of Motown suicide note” with “drums that sound like The Kinks’ 60s records.” You don’t get all of that here, but you do elsewhere on the collection. Listen:

Memory Tapes – “Wait In The Dark”

Player Piano:

01 “musicbox(in)”
02 “Wait In The Dark”
03 “Today Is Our Life”
04 “Yes I Know”
05 “Offers”
06 “Humming”
07 “Sun Hits”
08 “Worries”
09 “Fell Thru Ice”
10 “Fell Thru Ice II”
11 “Trance Sisters”
12 “musicbox(out)”

Player Piano is out 7/5 via Carpark. Dayve Hawk’s already at work on a third album set to have a guitar-based “space rock, kind of Sabbath” vibe.

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