The 6 Best Videos Of The Week

This week we’ve got new videos from Battles, Cults, Holy Ghost!, and Cloud Nothings. It’s kind of a slow week for videos, but I think the Battles clip, created by CANADA directing team, makes up for it.

Now would probably be a good time to mention that PS 1 in New York has a Alejandro Jodorowsky exhibition coming up. Once you see his Holy Mountain, you’ll notice its influence on many, many music videos, including CANADA’s clips. Santogold’s “L.E.S. Artistes” video’s entire second half is a tribute to the movie. Here’s the original trailer (NSFW):

Battles – “Ice Cream” (Dir. CANADA)

There’s definitely a pattern to CANADA’s work (quick edits, breasts, moments that look like they were taken from some ’70s European exploitation film). CANADA made two other videos that have shown up here, their clip for El Guincho (the video that got them signed to Partizan), and Nicolas Mendez’s video for Scissor Sisters.

Cults – “Abducted” (Dir. David Altobelli)

Director David Altobelli also directed the “By Some Miracle” video for Phil Selway, as well as videos for Sia and School Of Seven Bells. This one most resembles his “By Some Miracle” video to me, in how both videos are wonderfully slow-moving and reluctant to give away too much.

ROME – “3 Dreams Of Black” (Dir. Chris Milk)

This video isn’t as effective as his clip for “We Used To Wait,” which was such a genius way to evoke memories. This video is also a Chrome-optimized, Google-infused interactive clip, but the interactivity is pretty limited. Still, it’s great to see people experimenting with the format. On that note, also check out Björk’s new, HTML5-optimized website. Watch here.
ROME - "3 Dreams Of Black" Video

Honorable Mention:

To Kill A King – “Fictional State” (Dir. Jack King)

Cloud Nothings – “Forget You All The Time” (Dir. John Ryan Manning)

NSFW Video Of The Week: