Britney’s Malibu Beach Diet

I’m away from the Internet for ONE DAY and the confused press starts freaking out about Britney chugging booze in the street. IT’S JUST GINSENG people. Phew. (But thanks for covering for me Uncle G!)

It appears the former pop star’s new Malibu diet consists only of cigarettes, energy drinks, and chips. Best Week Ever will have more on this story in the first block of tomorrow night’s show.

Ever since she busted her knee and fell in love with that extra from You Got Served, Britney’s done nothing but sit by the pool and tan. (Britney loves pools! — watch a video of 10-year-old Brit at her friend’s pool party.)

Anyway, nothin’ wrong with a little R&R — she seems to be having a lot of fun. Here she is earlier this week dancing a jig.

And here she is reading GQ and saying “Please don’t take a photo of me y’all? It’ll end up on Stereogum and give people an excuse to talk shit about Kev.”

Hey, did you guys know Kevin’s middle name is Earl. I’m just saying.