jj – “no one can touch us tonight” & “ice”

As they’re apt to do, prolific, resolutely chill(y) hip hop and Manson-sampling Swedish pop duo jj have just released a free, downloadable single with very little fanfare. It’s apparently to celebrate Spring (and life): “what spring sounds like / what love looks like / what life feels like.” The A-Side has that tropical “From Africa to Málaga” warm, shivering thing going. “Ice” is a brief, sweet love song. Both are worth downloading.

jj – “no one can touch us tonight”
jj – “ice”
(Via P4K)

If you prefer tangible things, purchase the single — available with “10 different, unique & handmade covers” by jj and Malin Bernalt — via Sincerely Yours.

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