Coldplay Fans May Not Put Out, But They’re Safe Drivers

You might remember last month’s survey suggesting people who like Coldplay were the least likely to “go all the way” on a first date. Well, on the plus side, they don’t bang other cars either. A new survey by Halfords asked people if their driving was affected by the music they were listening to while behind the wheel. 60% said yes. A couple of the tracks that made them more aggressive: Beastie Boys’s “Sabotage” and Kanye West’s “Stronger.” On the flipside, folks felt mellower in the presence of Jack Johnson (obviously) and Fleetwood Mac. NME posted the top 5 tracks in each category. Surprisingly, Sammy Haggar’s nowhere to be seen:

Top 5 Blood Pressure Raising Tracks

01 Beastie Boys – “Sabotage”
02 The Prodigy – “Firestarter”
03 Papa Roach – “To Be Loved”
04 Kanye West – “Stronger”
05 Rachmaninoff – “Prelude In C Sharp Minor”

Top 5 Calming Tracks

01 Vivaldi – “The Four Seasons”
02 Jack Johnson ­ “Breakdown”
03 Adele – “Someone Like You”
04 Coldplay – “Yellow”
05 Fleetwood Mac – “Landslide”

Fucking Rachmaninoff.

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