Sleigh Bells Talk LP2

This past week Sleigh Bells played three sold-out shows in NYC with CSS — one at Webster Hall, another at Music Hall of Williamsburg on Thursday, and the one I attended, last night at Bowery Ballroom. Depending on which member you’re keying in on, they slink/strut/thrash/dance/hop into the crowd, coated in strobes and in front of a wall of Marshall stack amplifiers (not all of which are in use but still, it is a loud experience); Miller has a guitar tech now, to hand him guitars as he disappears and returns to stage; Alexis has a #23 BELLS jersey like Michael Jordan (which you can also purchase at the merch table). Those Bells and whistles aside, though, it’s essentially identical to the visceral crush of in-the-red guitars and distorto-beats tied together by Alexis’s ineffable charisma that the duo erupted with at first glance in the fall of 2009. Which is to say, still nothing but Treats/still nothing but treats. Rolling Stone sat the band down while they were here to talk about the new record, the followup to Treats, though, to hear about if they’ve grown: the take home is that yes, there will be changes, in scope, arrangement, and sound. They are more immersed in the studio (which has demos sounding more “immense”), and that it will be hard to write-off as merely a “party” album — this video promises advanced writing, more emotion, but the exact same amount of wearing sunglasses all the time. Watch and learn:

(via Rolling Stone)

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