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Band To Watch: Beige

Spacy, neo-psychedelic Brooklyn outfit Beige been kicking around local show undercards this past year, offering the internet a few MP3s but precious little self-revelatory info. There’s an oblique bio on MySpace about the “realization of matter” and sounds and color (beige, of course), and there’s a Tumblr hosting an Einstuerzende Neubauten YouTube along with an oblique string of images with mostly one color in common (guess). Seeing them open for Dirty Beaches at Glasslands this past Friday night brought additional elements into focus: Beige is a trio performing to programmed beats, with a keyboardist and a guitarist who share/harmonize vocals, and bass played by Terrible Records co-founder Ethan Silverman. Over percussion that either thumps slowly or with more lively motorik pattens, the band’s material drips with a stately, narcotic sense of reverb and pacing, placing them in the VU/Jay Spaceman continuum. The hypnotic “In Kind” meshes repetitive organ lines, opiated vocals, and a dragged/distorted climax like something from Spacemen 3’s The Perfect Prescription; “Folds” cruises with krautrock rhythm and a sanguine feel. Neither is under six minutes. It’s patient and studied while being warm and inviting, and good music to nod along (or off) to. Grab both, along with a third titled “Silverwriting,” below. The photos come from that Glasslands set, taken by Natasha Ryan.

Beige – “Folds”
Beige – “In Kind”
Beige – “Silverwriting”

More at MySpace and Tumblr. There’s no label for the moment, though that won’t be true for very long.

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