Sean Penn Is A Retired Goth In This Must Be The Place

This Must Be The Place has a lot going for it: Celebrated actors Sean Penn and Frances McDormand starred in the film, David Byrne and Will Oldham did the music, and up-and-comer Paolo Sorrentino directed. But this clip sums up everything it doesn’t have going for it, mainly that the audience must accept the premise that Penn is a retired, baby-talking, middle-aged, wealthy Goth Nazi-hunter. Check out the new clip:

(via Videogum)

Sorrentino, who wrote the script for Penn, says he was inspired by seeing Robert Smith perform a few years back. Smith was wearing the same makeup, hairstyle, and clothing that he wore in the 80s, which Sorrentino found exciting. He thought it would make a good juxtaposition with the character’s mission — to find the Nazi who tortured his father in Auschwitz. The movie is debuting at Cannes tomorrow, so there’s no word yet on how this plays out. But from here this looks like the kind of over-acting that Robert Downey Jr. makes fun of in Tropic Thunder (there are also more than few YouTube comments quoting his “never go full retard” line).