Helado Negro – “2º Dia” Video

Earlier this year we dug into Epstein’s Sealess Sea, “17 tracks of short-lived segues and meditative, largely instrumental ephemera, tied together by tripping beats and a constantly oscillating, experimentally amorphous aesthetic … sort of like a Donuts for those seeking gentle and kind left-field glitch and ambient vamp outs.” Epstein is also Helado Negro; both are signed to Asthmatic Kitty, both are project names for one Roberto Carlos Lange. “2º Dia” casts Helado Negro as a more song-oriented project than the more formless material he offered on Sea. As the title suggests, it is in Spanish (Roberto is a South Floridian with Ecuadorean roots), and is here set to crisp, gorgeous facial closeups and dissolves into the wonders of nature/stoner-friendly ’80s tripping graphic art. Propers on all that to director by Santa Maria. Watch, download:

Take it:
Helado Negro – “2º Dia”

Canta Lucheza is out via Asthmatic Kitty.