New Peter Bjorn & John Video – “It Don’t Move Me”

When the dust settles on Living Thing, if it hasn’t been buried in memories already, PB&J’s latest might be more fondly recalled for its loopy videos — the rockasilly Asian greaser dance troupe of “Nothing To Worry About,” the goofy masked dance-off of “Lay It Down” — than the pop chops under the best singles’ drum pads and keyboards. No album track’s as inherently dancy as “It Don’t Move Me,” so it figures the Swedes continue with their dance-themed videos here, with what appears to be a stage-dad who dug Fame training his “Thriller”-loving son to create the perfect finger movements and choreography to PB&J’s single. A golf driving range, a car on fire, and mysterious masked wrestler type are involved as well, for reasons beyond my brain. Watch it at YouTube.

Living Thing is out.