Greg Dulli Covers José González

The generally awesome Greg Dulli cut his teeth as a sweaty, oversexed r&b-infused Ohio heartbreaker in Afghan Whigs and then got himself some New Orleans gospel swagger in Twilight Singers. José González, on the other hand, rose to fame with some colorfully bouncing balls as an achy Swedish folkie covering his pals the Knife’s “Heartbeats.” Dulli, though, has a way of making every cover his own — whether Björk, Mary J. Blige, or TV On The Radio — and González’s dark, dewy “Down The Line” isn’t any different. Instead of José’s tense, unrelenting strummer (remember the Piggy video?), Dulli cuts tensions with a bigger build, dynamic scale, and sense of catharsis. Hear an excited audience and the darkness-eating live version at the Twilight Singers’s MySpace. On the track, Dulli’s backed by Petra Haden and Jeff Klein’s respective violin and piano. Can I get a witness?