Tom Vek – “World Of Doubt” Video

After complete silence for five years, class of ’05 dance/rock notable Tom Vek recently returned with the video for “A Chore,” a song that emulated his old formula but still felt fresh, maybe because things feel fresh if it’s been five years since you had them last. “World Of Doubt” is the second track from his forthcoming LP Leisure Seizure to have air time, and the second straight video to be fixated on television screens. Guess the guy’s had image on his mind all that time while out of sight. The beat’s slower but it is still beat-based rock, Tom’s singing even less/talk-ranting even more here. And for all the lyrics and motifs centered on image, he stays resolutely out of frame. Instead, it’s all models.

Leisure Seizure is out digitally 6/7 via Downtown/Coop USA/Island.

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