Stephen Malkmus Mirror Traffic Details

Matador announced Stephen Malkmus’s latest album with The Jicks today via their Matablog. The record’s called Mirror Traffic, and it was produced by Beck Hansen. Malkmus and Hansen recorded the album in early 2010, but because of Pavement’s touring schedule, they put Mirror Traffic on hold until they had more time. Matador praises Stephen Malkmus’s “rapier wit” and “casual virtuosity” in the post, words that easily describe Beck as well. I’m guessing that they worked well together. They, at least, fulfilled every ’90s kid’s dream slacker collaboration.

The Matablog also says that this is drummer Janet Weiss’s last album with the Jicks. Joggers drummer Jake Morris will take over for their upcoming tour. (Weiss just finished a tour with Wild Flag.)

Mirror Traffic is out 8/23 via Matador.