New Northern State – “Better Already” (Ecstatic Remix By JD Samson)

LI OKX alumni Northern State had Le Tigre calendar star JD Sampson do a revved remix of Can I Keep This Pen’s’s Grey’s Anatomy-approved first single “Better Already,” lowering the guitar riffs and adding layers of percussive ricochet to the deal. The hallucinogenic video for the song’s original state was all about butterflies, friendship, and L7 melodies. Under JD’s watch you still get the melody, but it pops and locks amid space synths, break beats, bass thumps, and one hella dose of LCD cowbell.


Northern State – “Better Already (JD Sampson Ecstatic Remix)” (MP3)

Sounds a lot like Le Tigre! Not that we’re complaining: Would love to see McDreamy shimmying through the hospital to “My My Metrocard.”