We Got The Meat!

Last night while watching Grey’s Anatomy, we spotted a Holiday Target ad with a familiar, albeit slightly modified song in it. Maybe you caught it, too: Jim Noir, that English electro bedroom popster, has rewritten “My Patch” to help ring in the holidays. Who does he think he is, Sufjan? Via Ad Age:

In perhaps an unwitting nod to “Christmas Is All Around” from “Love Actually,” Noir has taken his quirky, almost-antagonistic single “My Patch” and sprinkled it with plenty of holly and snow. What was once “If you ever step on my patch / I’ll bring you down / I’ll bring you down” is now hilariously “Holidays are times of magic / We’re counting down / We’re counting down.”

This got us thinking about other songs that’ve been rewritten to sell things. So Jim Noir’s jingle along with a few others from the past couple years after the jump.

ARTIST: Jim Noir
PITCH: “Holidays are times of magic, we’re counting down”

PRODUCT: Outback Steakhouse
ARTIST: of Montreal
PITCH: “Let’s go Outback tonight!”

PRODUCT: Kraft Crumbles
PITCH: “They’re crumbelievable!”

PRODUCT: Swiffer
PITCH: “Swiff it!”

PRODUCT: Maxwell House
ARTIST: Madness
PITCH: “We only grow the finest beans…”

Love those Swiffer goth kids. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any footage of the commercial that gave us our headline– the Go-Go’s “We Got The Beat” modified for Papa John’s Pizza. Unsettling to hear a bunch of women yelling, “We got the meat”? Crumbelievable.