Oh, boy. So in the last hour or so (read: the time since we’ve been having backend tech issues today), fired up with some seriously awesome bits. Like Thom spinning M.I.A.. And then Thom spinning !!!’s “Heart Of Hearts,” spasmodically dancing as only he knows how. And then, well, we’ll explain. First we’re publishing this. GO THERE NOW THEY’RE PLAYING “RECKONER” LIVE.

UPDATE: OK, hope you guys are watching this insanity. Live streaming concert from the Radiohead studio! Before that it was, as mentioned, Thom DJing and moving, covering the Smiths’ “The Headmaster Ritual,” and showing a short video for “15 Step,” using footage from the Morgan Freeman/Brat Pitt flick Se7en, with Thom’s head in a box (just like Paltrow!). Let’s see how many times we say “awesome” in this post.

So awesome. It wasn’t a full video for the full song, but it was proper; Morgan opening the box to find singing Thom was super fantastic. So we’re sure this stuff will end up on YouTube soon. Or at least, we hope. Post links in the comments and keep a running liveblog going down there, too. In the meantime, we’re gonna sort through and post up a bunch of screengrabs we’re sitting on. Jonny’s spinning now. Suddenly thinking about staying in tonight…

In the meantime, here are the guys, one-by-one, saluting you with a thumbs_down:

“Faust Arp” in a field…

And it goes on, with Ed’s sharing of a “tender moment,” reciting “The Burial of Sir John Moore After Corunna,” by Charles Wolfe. And then a cover of New Order’s “Ceremony.” And then…

…tech lead Adam informs us that Thom is “rebranding” ’cause he’s sick of people thinking he’s miserable. Thom accomplishes this rebranding by doing a modified, momentary chicken dance. Think Thom felt a little sheepish about the “Brad Pitt’s a massive Radiohead fan, so he would in fact be gutted if it was your head inside that box” bit. It’s okay, Thom. Beautiful people like you, too.

Hey, Phil’s a Sam Beam fan! And a Juana Molina fan. And an afrobeat fan. And holy shit Selway’s got moves! We’re gonna ride out on the Fela funk for awhile and fade into silence on the blogfront. Unless something crazy happens, like Radiohead fashioning footage from a Brad Pitt movie into an In Rainbows-related video. Oh wait…

Ah one last thing: Thom announces (with a drink in hand) that a full playlist from the session will be up on the message board (deadairspace?) later. Hey, just like The Hills!

And, scene.

UPDATE: Ready for some YouTubes from the telecast? We’ll start with Thom (with Jonny on moral support) talking up thumbs_down. It’s a celebration, bitches:

[videoembed size="full_width" alignment="center"]

Here’s a live take on “Bodysnatchers”:

“15 Step” vs. Se7ven (The Executive Edition):

Now video/tech man Adam Buxton with Thom, talking about Brad Pitt and squirting milk from Yorke’s nipples:

Ed dancing, Thom talking, the band gives their thumbs_downs:

[videoembed size="full_width" alignment="center"]

Here’s “Faust Arp” in a field:

Helmet cams on “Jigsaw Falling Into Place” (again, Adam’s edition):

Some Smiths cover action: “The Headmaster Ritual”

Some “Reckoner” live for ya:

“Arpeggi” (sorta) in a parking lot:

A tender, poetic moment with Ed O’Brien:

A New Order: Radiohead covers “Ceremony”

Some tech issues later — here Thom addresses them and thanks you for tuning in before going into “I Might Be Wrong.” See you on YouTube:


MP3 UPDATE: Just what it sounds like. Get thumbs_downloading.

Radiohead – “The Headmaster Ritual” (MP3)
Radiohead – “Ceremony” (MP3)
Radiohead – “Reckoner” (MP3)
Radiohead – “Faust Arp” (MP3)
Radiohead – “Arpeggi In A Parking Lot” (MP3)
Radiohead – “I Might Be Wrong” (MP3)