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The 6 Best Videos Of The Week

Happy Friday. This week we’ve got recent videos from The Vaccines, Chad VanGaalen, Bikini, and Swedish House Mafia. It was another slow week for new videos, so I included a couple of clips that came out in previous weeks, like VanGaalen’s awesome natives and aliens clip, animated by VanGaalen himself (he also drew his own album cover). I also loved Amos Lee’s recent stop motion animation video. All the pieces in the video are sculpted out of white paper, but there’s so much depth and texture to them. Watch it on mute if you’d like. The videos:

The Vaccines – “All In White” (Dir. CANADA) (NSFW)

Another new video from directing team CANADA (Battles’ “Ice Cream,” Scissor Sisters’ “Invisible Light,” etc). There are three directors in CANADA, which explains how they can keep putting out new clips so quickly (sometimes they work individually, but under the CANADA name). Since this is a CANADA video, you’ll get pretty girls, nudity, and esotericism. And you’ll get beautifully shot, mysterious scenes that reference, borrow, and steal from European cinema. I still like every video they put out, though I guess your enjoyment of their work corresponds to how much you like remixes.

Bikini – “ACheerlaeder” (Dir. Jonnie Penn, Olivier Bonnard) (NSFW)

Maybe CANADA’s already an influence on other music video directors. Bikini’s Jonnie Penn and Olivier Bonnard directed their own video for “ACheerlaeder” [sic], and at first glance it contains some similar elements: surrealism, pretty girls, decadence, breasts. But it’s also got a very specific, obnoxious rich kid vibe to it that somehow improves the video (though you may like its stars a bit less). There’s also some face-up planking.

Is Tropical – “The Greeks” (Dir. Megaforce)

Except for the whole meth lab / terrorist part, this is exactly what kids pretend/fantasize about every day. The cartoon blood and guts (there’s one scene where a kid’s brains are plastered to the ceiling) just makes this explicit, and adorable. (via Antville)

Swedish House Mafia – “Save The World” (Dir. Jon Watts)

Vitalic’s video for “Poney Part 1” offers more dog watching pleasure per second, but I like the god-like protector / vigilante role the dogs take on in Swedish House Mafia’s video. NYC-based director Jon Watts has also directed clips for The Rapture and TV On The Radio. (via Promo News)

Honorable Mention:

Amos Lee – “Flower” (Dir. kneeon)

(via Video Static)

Chad VanGaalen – “Peace On The Rise” (Dir. Chad VanGaalen)