Jens Lekman @ The Echo, Los Angeles 5/27/09

We haven’t seen a solo headliner from Mr. Indie Rock Class of ’07 since, well, sometime in ’07. I think the word “wit” was used like 50 times then, and two more years means two more years for Jens to get more charming. You can tell by the airplane motions in Andrew Youssef’s photos that Lekman did “Sipping On Sweet Nectar,” along with a couple of unreleased songs (according to the Jens Lekman Song Index): “The End of The World is Bigger than Love” (a song about putting things into proportion); “New Directions” (a song about using Google Maps and the life directional metaphors therein — you can hear at 8:17 of this NPR webcast from last year’s SXSW); and “An Argument With Myself” (a song about an argument with yourself). A girl in the crowd got a singular serenade, so imagine the swoons there, and “A Postcard To Nina,” which is not a political song, got its political preface: “What’s This Proposition 8 bullshit that’s going on?” Nina, you should be with your girlfriend. However you’d like to be. Opening the set was comedian Tig Notaro who you’ll recognize as Tig the lesbian cop from The Sarah Silverman Program because you watch that program because you’re smart.