New Regina Spektor Video – “Laughing With”

What I think Regina’s trying to say in “Laughing With” is that no one laughs at god. Because she says it a lot of times. The somber piano ballad doesn’t tackle theological ontology with quite the same FM-oomph as Joan Osbourne did, but its weighty “life is like this”isms will probably register with the same sort of yearning-for-meaning demo. The video plays on the album art imagery, Spektor strolling through charcoal doodles and art pieces in the vein of M.C. Escher and René Magritte, decapitating herself with a smile at one point and going for yogic sun salutation in another. God can be funny, but this one’s pretty straightforward and serious.

It’s not the only religious song on the album — apparently the David Kahne-produced “Human Of The Year” is even heavier on religious imagery — and according to Regina, “Laughing With” is a good intro single because this album’s a lot more introspective. For now, in addition to “Laughing With,” try “Blue Lips” in studio and Jools Holland form.

Far is out 6/23 via Sire.