Weak Become Heroes, And Back Again

While we’re looking for clips of a non-Thin non-White non-Duke from last night’s Atlantis Squarepantis (anyone got a clip? don’t bother with TurboNick, unless you want to see a commercial with the disclaimer “boy doll is anatomically correct”), we finally watched last week’s Guitar Heroic South Park, which was a welcome break from three-part allegorically laden cartoon terrorism:

From the production blog:

Tonight’s episode is a sobering experience. After watching it come together I feel like maybe we flew a little too close to the nerdy sun with Guitar Hero. Maybe we should take a step back and look at the dark side of being a Guitar Hero…

South Park can usually fly pretty close to that nerdy sun when they want to, since they not only have the freedom to do (almost) whatever they want, but the honesty to bring what they’re interested in out, instead of waiting for it to be a drop-in gag at a writer’s meeting. Now that Guitar Hero’s been firmly planted in the culture industry, though, here’s what you can expect.

  • SNL Digital Shorts does “We Don’t Need Another (Guitar) Hero” with Tina Turner
  • College Humor does “Anonymous Commenter Hero” with old IBM keyboards
  • The Soup does a lingering throw-away gag with the controller
  • People does an interview with a young up-and-coming actress, and the pull quote is “I just play Guitar Hero all night!”
  • Ten minute Guitar Hero bit on the Oscars
  • Nation mourns photo of smiling John McCain awkwardly handling controller at Generation Dot You with Special Partner Visa event
  • Momentarily becomes almost not uncool again when MIT students build Guitar Hero-playing Johnny 5 to play “We Need a Hero”
  • Banjo Hero on Sitcom We’ll All Be Hating Next Fall

Then, finally, “Guitar Hero” will never, ever again mean this or this.