Spank Rock: “I Would Kick Jared Leto’s Ass”

We’ve had our differences with 30 Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto, so we were intrigued when we heard about this video of Spank Rock/Bangers & Cash’s Naeem talking shit about the King of Douche to Blender. Actually, we can’t help but feel responsible for the hubbub: “One of the blogs today said we got into fisticuffs with Jared Leto.” Not exactly, but thanks for reading! Thinking what we’re all thinking, he adds, “Of course, I would kick Jared Leto’s ass.” Yeah, guyliner is usually a bad sign in the fightin’ department. As is massive weight loss. Outside of Leto, we find out Spank man loves Rihanna (who doesn’t) and can pull off a fairly true-to-cartoon Dick Dastardly impression. He also talks about all the pu$$y who escorted him to the Woodies.

Actually, we have heard Leto rap. Maybe he and Spank Rock should collaborate?