Watch Dylan’s Cameo On Pawn Stars

A recent (UPDATE: OK, sort of old, but new to us) episode of the History Channel’s Pawn Stars makes walking around Caesar’s Palace with a Dylan record in your hand, and finding Bob Dylan to sign it, look altogether too easy. But before you try, consider that even if you track down Dylan, odds are you are not as disarmingly cuddly as this Pawn Stars dude Chumlee who has been given this assignment. You can see it happen: even as Dylan’s reflexively trying to end the interaction, he’s all smiles looking into Chumlee’s soft face.

Also: Bob Dylan made a cameo on Pawn Stars, you guys:

Dylan’s in this one:

And, the happy ending:

(via The Daily Swarm)

If you’re like me you want to know more about Chumlee now, so here is Austin “Chumlee” Russell’s bio page. I love that Austin’s nickname comes from his childhood “friends” likening him to the cartoon character Tennessee Tuxedo’s sidekick — a walrus named Chumley — and it is that spelling Dylan used on the LP cover. Bet Dylan knows all about Chumley The Walrus.