Grizzly Bear Bring “Ready, Able” & “Cheerleader” To The Interface

Between the late night performances, the radio sessions, and the abundant etcs., everybody’s seen enough clips of “While You Wait For The Others” and “Two Weeks” to know that Grizzly Bear are capable of harmonizing in a live setting. On the flip, we haven’t really seen any professional video proof that they can pull off any of the other Veckatimest harmonies in a live setting. Maybe they can’t do them well! Or maybe you should get real, of course they can do them so well. This AOL Interface session provides a deeper preview into the fun Grizzly ticketholders can expect on this tour. Last night’s sell-out at Town Hall had a choir, tonight’s features a string quartet, but most every other show (including Sunday’s in Brooklyn) will get what you see here, the band scaled to its core components. Which tends to be a good thing.

“Ready, Able”


“While You Wait For The Others”

“Two Weeks”

All those come via Spinner, where you can check out an interview with the guys.

Veckatimest is a small uninhabited island off the coast of Massachusetts.

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