New Gwen Stefani Video – “Early Winter”

We recently got a look at Gwen when she was just a girl of 20 (going on 14), but in this video for “Early Winter,” a track co-written with Keane’s Tim Rice-Oxley, she’s all grown up. In fact, maybe a bit too grown up, Ms. Adult Contemporary. As the red (and then white) feathers fall in one room and it snows in another, it’s all an excuse for as many costume changes as possible. And, of course, close-ups of Gwen weeping, which she perfected a ways back in her Sweet Escape promo pic and then the “4 In The Morning” video. Toward the end of this one, she catches the subway toward a new life — “It looks like an early winter for us,” etc — and there’s a quick cut to smiling Mr. Keane. So we know Gwen will be okay. Phew, people.