Gummy Awards

Vote In The 2007 Gummy Awards, Win The Year’s 50 Best CDs

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It’s that colder, darker time of year when we ask Stereogum readers to determine the best records and bands from the past twelve months. You may remember most of these categories from the 2006 Gummys, but we’ve made a few changes!

Best Album, Best Video, and Best Live Act should be self-explanatory, but for Album we wanna know your top three (everyone’s top nom is weighted the most; choice #3 the least). Mr. Indie Rock/Ms. Indie Rock (vote for one or both) should go to the hottie who most makes your heart (and etc) sizzle. Then comes the Most Overrated Act award. This one should go to the band you read too much about (here or elsewhere) in 2007.

Something to keep in mind when you vote: This year the fields are enabled with auto-fill that will suggest likely candidates if you start typing (and have JavaScript enabled). This makes our lives easier because people have terrible spelling. So please take that extra two seconds, and if your choice is suggested, click it.

Also keep your eyes on the finish line: Polls close 12/6 at 6 PM EST. After we board up the voting booth, we’ll tally the results and randomly pick an entrant who, courtesy of Other Music, will receive the top 50 CDs as determined by Stereogum readers.

If you’re looking to jog your memory, here’s what rocked our stereos this year.

Without further ado, click here to get it started in here. Feel free to start arguing now.