What’s Your Take On iCloud?

Apple pushed their newest iOS software today with a significant development: iCloud. iCloud syncs photos, applications and other data across your Apple devices. What does this mean for your MP3 collection? According to tech blog All Things D, not much, especially when you compare iCloud to new, similar services from Google and Amazon. With iCloud (as with the other services) you’ll be able to store all your music in the cloud and stream it just about anywhere. Unlike the other services, Apple’s will use a “scan and match” system, which will determine if a song you’re uploading matches one they already have in the iTunes store. If so, it’ll save you a lot of time and bandwidth. That additional service will cost you $24.99 per year, though this also means you’ll score iTunes store-quality tracks to stream if yours were below 256 Kbps. Apple has a comparison chart on their site (which of course shows them besting Amazon and Google), but All Things D points out that Google and Amazon will fight to stay competitive after this announcement. Steve Jobs himself introduced the iCloud/music announcement at today’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fransisco.

And if you’re wondering, the services don’t check to see if you purchased the music legally.

I just got my Google Music beta account so I haven’t uploaded any songs to it yet, and I haven’t installed the iOS update. Have you? How do you like having all of your music live in the cloud?

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