SNL Live @ UCB With Michael Cera, Yo La Tengo

This weekend, amid the writer’s strike, the SNL cast performed in Chelsea in the Upright Citizens Brigade theater to an audience of less than 200 peeps, though their numbers included Julian Casablancas, Jon Glaser, Will Arnett, and John Krasinski. Guests included Norah Jones and the folks mentioned in this post’s headline. The cast performed previously written sketches that were too hot for TV or cut for some other reason. We weren’t there, but Brian Palmer was. He mentions that host Michael Cera’s monologue “consisted of him reading other people’s monologues, such as Donald Trump’s, Paris Hilton’s, and a few others.” Also Fred Armisen played Mahmoud Ahmadinejad naked

[Photos via NY Times]

Via A Special Thing message board:

A sign reading “SNL Digital Short” was held up and then the familiar strains of Aphex Twin’s Avril 14th started and Andy Samberg came out to sing his paean to homophobe and holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, played by Fred Armisen. This was previously broadcast on the show, though when Samberg got to the line about Ahmadinejad’s hind quarters, Armisen pulled his pants down to reveal a clump of fake hair taped to his ass. Armisen dropped trou a bit further than I’m guessing he was planning on, as from my vantage point I was treated to a full view of his cock and balls. After this surprising and horrific sight, a vision on the opposite end of the spectrum arrived in the form of Norah Jones as she sang the chorus while Fred tried to keep his pants up…

Yo La Tengo played Mr. Tough and Little Honda. Will Arnett, who appeared fairly quiet throughout a lot of the show, was bouncing up and down and totally rocking out during their performances. Krasinski was also seriously enjoying himself as well. They were both wearing their hats down low paparazzi style and it was funny to look over and see their two baseball caps bopping away.

And tonight at 8 PM, the cast of 30 Rock will perform 30 Rock-ON STRIKE!, live at UCB. If this or the SNL event don’t show up on YouTube, you suck Internet!