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Stream Bringers Of Disease Gospel Of Pestilence

Something that gets lost in web board pissing matches and cries of false or tr00 and “Liturgy!“: At its best, black metal can be an invigorating blast. If you’ve forgotten about that at this point, take a listen to Bringers Of Disease. The hard-nosed Dayton, Ohio crew’s excellently streamlined four-song, 25-minute Gospel Of Pestilence marries crust and old-school BM with catchy rock-ish riffs and plenty of throaty and screechy scowling about Satan. They don’t get fancy like some of their more championed USBM colleagues — think more Ipsissimus, less Krallice — but they showcase plenty of steamrolling technique. (That, and it’s hard to make it through even the first minute of opener “Doomed To Flames” without spraining your neck.) The group includes members of Mouth Of The Architect and death imploders Acheron, in case any Black Metal Genealogists are keeping track. Here:

Bringers Of Disease – “Doomed To Flames”
Bringers Of Disease – “Your Prayers Remain Unheard”
Bringers of Disease – “Our Final Reward In Hell”
Bringers Of Disease – “A Plague To End All Plagues”

Gospel Of Pestilence is out via Translation Loss/Waylon Recordings. Don’t sleep on it.

Bringers Of Disease 2011