Win Butler Interviews Alexander Skarsgård

Interview Magazine has celebrities interview other celebrities, and for their latest issue they asked Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler to talk to True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård. Turns out Butler is a huge True Blood fan, but he hasn’t finished the last season, so they don’t about specific episodes so much as try to find common ground between the places they’ve lived or visited in Texas, Canada, and Louisiana. Butler also enthusiastically describes a Zydeco documentary on Louisiana’s black creole population: “It’s like black people in cowboy hats speaking with this weird accent.” Another thing to note, Alexander is the son of legendary actor Stellan Skarsgård, who recently starred in Lykke Li’s “Sadness Is A Blessing” video. You can read an excerpt of the interview online or pick up a copy of Interview’s June/July interview to read the whole thing.

[Photo by Graeme Flegenheimer]