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Peste Noire – “Casse, Pêches, Fractures Et Traditions”

French Folk Fuck black metal punk weirdos Peste Noire’s last album, the François Villon-homaging Ballade Cuntre Lo Anemi Francor, landed at No. 5 of my 30 Best Metal Albums Of 2009. As I wrote then it’s, in part, akin to “carousing hooligan black-metal Pogues a dozen drinks past midnight.” You get some of that on the expansive, equally strange (and strangely satisfying) followup L’Ordure à l’État Pur, another Peste Noire album featuring bird sounds: Here, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist/main-mind Famine doing a chicken imitation, vocalist Audrey handling a faux Dove call. This time around there are also sex-torture lashes. And a three-ring circus. When delving into the band’s work, it needs noting that Famine, aka La Sale Famine de Valfunde, is known for his controversy-baiting interviews: Outside the albums he spits more bile than his hero Baudelaire or Varg Vikernes (who seems relatively mild-mannered in comparison). As a listener, it’s up to you to see where you draw the line regarding that sort of black metal “hate” and how you interpret the “French nationalism,” etc. (I’ve already given my two cents on it.) Musically, take a listen to 11-minute opener “Casse, Pêches, Fractures Et Traditions” to see how L’Ordure gets started. One thing you wouldn’t expect after hearing it: Closer “La condi hu” sounds sorta like longtime Peste Noire contributor Neige’s Amesoeurs. But first this:

Peste Noire – “Casse, Pêches, Fractures Et Traditions”

01 “Casse, Pêches, Fractures Et Traditions” (11:14)
02 “Cochon Carotte et les soeurs Crotte” (8:27)
03 “J’avais rêvé du Nord” (20:24)
04 “Sale Famine von Valfoutre” (11:28)
05 “La condi hu” (9:09)

L’Ordure à l’État Pur is out via Transcendental Creations. The CD features a 24-page color booklet. It’s helpful grasping and parsing the overall sound by reading who did what with whom:

Famine: Lyrics and songwriting, acoustic & electric guitar, dulcimer, rasps & PMU, chicken imitation
Vicomte Chtedire de Kroumpadis – Cask and various pots and pans
Le Indria – Bass, fretless bass
Audrey – Vocals / Vocals (soprano) / Dove Imitation
Engwar – Cello, timpani, monastic vocals on « Condi hu »
Miss Peste Nègre – Accordion
Rachid de France – Trombone
Lulu l’ermite – Guest vocals on « J.R.D.N. » and « Sale Fa »
Seigneur Arawn – Guest vocals on « J.R.D.N. »
L’Atrabilaire Maldo – Langue d’oc sermons

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