The Rachel Trachtenburg Morning Show

Wanna freak your kids out for years to come? Or at least make them think of Woodstock in the present tense? Well then, take them down to the East Village to learn the fundamentals of celery-based snacks (“everything’s organic”), building homemade crowns, and singing Pete Seeger tunes at The Rachel Trachtenburg Morning Show. The others Trachtenburg players are in attendance, of course, to help work their puppet magic, along with Reverend Jen (who does a gentrification puppet show), a choking seagull, an exercise instructor making Michael Jackson and Golden Girls jokes, etc. The hearty kids in the audience seem to dig the arts and craftiness. Our favorite moments are definitely when Rachel takes lead and covers a couple Syd Barrett tunes, like her now standard “Effervescing Elephant” and “Bike,” with felt cut-out accompaniment. Trippy.

“This song is about a very happy elephant who lives in the jungle.” Of course it is. You can catch The Rachel Trachtenburg Morning Show live at the Green Room (45 Bleecker Street) on 12/1. You can purchase tix at Telecharge or get ‘em cheaper by entering the secret code (green241) at Broadway Offers. For free Barrett-related throwback and fried-brain fun, visit Syd on a trip to his accountant.